Empowered Parenting Course

Five week course starting September 2018

“Empowered Parenting” is a five module course that offers a clear, concise insight into the real nature of your child and what you can do to provide a unique foundation to support their incredible journey through childhood.

Sarah absolutely loves delivering it, and sees, week on week, the fun the parents have, at the same time as having ‘light bulb’ moments as some of the mysteries around their children’s behaviour unravel.

The sessions give you an opportunity to reflect on various parenting strategies with a greater insight into the developmental stages that your child will be going through combined with informative shared times with other parents.Sarah designed the course as a result of hearing parents ask the same questions over the years and it is now being delivered by 8 other leaders in the Montessori world. All very exciting!

Please contact Shana on 01376 564392 or office@handsonlearning.co.uk to sign up to our next course starting in September 2018.

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