What is Montessori?

Our Montessori approach

Our goal is to provide each of our children with all the tools they require to transition to secondary school as confident and empowered individuals. To aid us in doing this we take a Montessori approach to our primary education.

Dr Maria Montessori is one of our most valued and important education experts.

Dr Maria Montessori’s approach to teaching has been adopted across the globe since 1906.  She championed this approach to education which places the child at the centre of their learning journey, promoting self-motivation, independence and a love of learning.  It is a technique we are proud to adopt here at our Essex primary school.

Our children learn through active experience, with an extensive selection of tangible educational materials available to all.  The light, open classroom spaces here allow pupils to move around, select learning materials from accessible shelves and take a hands-on approach to their own education.

Our Curriculum is mapped to The National Standards so we can see how children are progressing against national measures.  Each child is involved in developing their own learning plan, which they work to daily with their teachers.  As our pupils progress through the various stages of understanding and mastering educational concepts; detailed records are kept by our staff so we can accurately track each child’s progress.

The learning journey of each individual child is captured at every stage to allow our pupils to spend all the time they need to fully master each and every aspect of the curriculum, and thereby achieve a well-rounded education.