Year 6 – Statistics for 2019

When Soaring High School children leave in Year 6 they join a wide variety of senior schools, sometimes gaining 11+ passes, passing Common Entrance Examinations, often winning scholarships at Independent Senior Schools as well as gaining places at local State Schools.

This year in 2018-2019 our year 6 leavers gained places at their chosen schools. 66% gained places at specialist schools to meet their academic and social needs. 33% went to our local secondary school which supports the independent learning ethos developed throughout a child's time at Soaring High.

Like every Primary school we assess how our children are progressing and the level of achievement in both Maths & English.   Here are the statistics for Year 6 children at Soaring High School who left in Summer 2019.


33% of year 6 leavers far exceeded expectations in attainment and progress in Maths (29% in 2018)

33% exceeded expectation in progress in maths (57% in 2018)

33% met expectations in attainment and progress in maths (14% in 2018)


33% Far exceeded expectations in progress in English

33% exceeded in attainment and progress in English

33% Met expectations